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FK Guest Raiding Policy
« on: November 07, 2013, 12:12:47 AM »
FK is accepting guest raiders.
Sufficient hp to survive AEs on the raids (will vary by target, but generally you'll be fine if you're in current expansion group gear or better).
GINA or GTT with appropriate triggers - FK primarily uses GINA and we can supply triggers for it.

Guests earn and spend DKP like normal members, except with a 400 bid cap. You start at 0 dkp on your first raid.

We start gathering for raids at 5:00 pm pacific (6:00 mountain, 7:00 central, 8:00 eastern). Contact Taza for invites, or Kiras if Taza isn't on. Guests will be allowed in at the raid leader's discretion depending on space and which classes are needed for an event. Guests may be booted for members if we fill up.
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